Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona's Tough New Law Against Illegal Immigrants

Prejudice rears its ugly head, all in the name of "National Security".  I say it's xenophobia in the Millenium.  More on the story below.

Arizona's Tough New Law Against Illegal Immigrants


Simonides said...

Xenophobia? I am not sure - just a complex issue that requires more thought.

I would say its Arizona "crafting" a burdensome law - through federal loopholes - that make it constitutionally enforceable.

The issue - is kind of like the Civil War - it wasnt about slavery.... (it was but say it wasnt)

I think the issue is an attempt to address the burdens place on a state social service infrastructure - for healthcare, education, shelter and food at a state level void of leadership at the federal level.

Either we have a border or we dont. If we do fine if not fine - but the issues that plague Arizona will rear its head up somewhere else. The burden on law enforcement and the justice system will provide more stress than should be reasonably handled.

it is akin to 1938/39 Kristallnacht. I imagine people with sun tans, people here legally and illegally being rounded up by men in long leather coats and having to produce "your" papers. Too much discretion will lead to abuse and perhaps more harm in the long run.

I just think its knee jerk reaction to the volume of bodies as opposed to simply the color.

And if you place this in context to the $1.7 trillion that was burned away in 2008 by the Master on the Street - think of the problems we could have solved.

Anonymous said...

I lived near the border (Tx/Mexico) and I understand just how complex the issue is....but I also know what was in the hearts of those I lived among. Most of their knee-jerk reactions came from fear, hate, and an air of superiority....

I don't mind regulations, however, let's be honest...the work these people do is the very work that a vast majority of Americans deem to be beneath them. In Uvalde, there was a shortage of workers to work in the onion fields one year. Farmers offered $20/hour to do the work...the onions sat in the fields rotting.....

I feel that this law is repetitive and extraneous.....I sense some xenophobia...

But I do enjoy your insight and your intelligence!